Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

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All breakfast are served with a free small coffee

Egg & Cheddar on a Bagel $4.50

Bacon or Ham, Egg & Cheddar on a Bagel $5.25

Scrambled Eggs $4.25

Two grade A eggs cooked your way. Served with a choice of toasted bread

Hot Oatmeal $4.25

With a touch of brown sugar

Buttermilk Pancakes $6.50

Home style hot buttermilk pancake topped with butter and served with warmed syrup

French Toast $6.50

8 fluffy triangle shaped slices served with warm syrup

Garden Omelet $6.75

A 3 egg omelet cooked with sautéd onion, mushrooms, green pepper, fresh tomato, spinach and cheddar cheese

Low-Carb Omelet $6.75

A 3 egg omelet cooked in real butter with ham, swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms folded inside.