Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

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Egg and Cheddar on Bagel $ 5.50

Bacon or Ham,Egg, and Cheddar on Bagel $ 6.25

Scrambled Eggs:

Two extra large Eggs cooked your way.

Served with a choice of toasted bread.. $ 4.75


Your choice of assorted fruit yogurt $ 1.75

Hot Oatmeal:

With a touch of brown sugar. $ 4.25


Sliced smoked Salmon served with lightly toasted bagel ( your choice ), cream cheese, Sliced Tomato , sliced Cucumber and sliced Onion. $ 9.95

Butter milk Pancake :

Home style hot Buttermilk Pancake topped with Butter and served with warmed syrup . $ 7.25

Blueberry Pancakes:

Our fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with plump blueberries $ 8.25

French Toast

Luscious sliced of our cinnamon-infused rolls dipped in egg batter and grilled to a golden brown. Sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with warm syrup $ 7.50

Garden Omelet :

Our 3 -extra large egg cheese and veggie omelet is cooked in butter with fresh tomato, sautéed onion , spinach, green pepper and Cheddar cheese. $ 7.95

Low-carb Omelet

3-Extra large egg omelet cooked in real Butter with ham, sautéed mushroom and Swiss Cheese folded inside. $ 7.95


White or Wheat 'roast



$ 2.25

Bagel with Cream cheese

$ 2.95


$ 2.95


$ 2.95